7 Reasons why Illegal Marijuana Shops are Appearing in the L.A. Area

California is one of the places with the most illegal marijuana sales in the United States, although the use of marijuana has been allowed.

But the illicit sale goes much further than any calculation lawyers can think, and is a big issue that must receive the necessary attention. Here we have some of the reasons why illegal marijuana shops are appearing in the area of ​​L.A:

Successful Business

5 - 7 Reasons why Illegal Marijuana Shops are Appearing in the L.A. Area
The sale of marijuana in different parts of California has become a successful business for anyone embarking on it, as there is a great demand from consumers who will always be looking for cheap sellers.

A Great Expense

Creating a regulation on any subject of social nature entails a great expense, from the quality tests that must be done continuously for marijuana as such, up to the security regulation.

The tax that must be paid is really high, which makes buyers look for other than the stores that are legally established, that’s why they go to the black market where marijuana is almost 50% less.

The Regulation Isn’t Working

Although legalization has already been applied for the recreational use of marijuana in Los Angeles, the illegal sale of cannabis continues to grow in an incredible way that would surprise many.

Even the police have already prosecuted hundreds of people who are involved in the black market of marijuana, as they’re violating any regulations that have already been established.

Necessary Requirements

To operate within the legalization of marijuana, they must have a municipal license and a state license that consists of their legal business, and pay the taxes to the state of the percentage that’s assigned.


The regulation establishes that people over 21 can buy up to 28 grams of marijuana without a prescription. But it cannot be consumed in public places, near children or schools specifically or in the car.


6 - 7 Reasons why Illegal Marijuana Shops are Appearing in the L.A. Area
More than 500 people have already been penalized for being involved in the illegal marketing of marijuana. Hundreds of points of sale have been confiscated; premises that functioned as a crop for the plant and even extraction laboratories have been closed.

Anyone who is involved in the illegal sale of cannabis may present a penalty of 6 months in jail and fines that exceed $ 1,000.

Great Valuation

The industry of the sale of marijuana is valued at more than $ 20 billion dollars in California at least, which is the state with the highest consumption; and being so high, that number is expected to multiply annually.

That’s why the main reason for why it continues to be sold on the black market is because, as previously explained, the price that will be found for any gram of marijuana in illegal sales will be much more economical than what you will find in places with license.

But despite having been regulated and continues to be a social problem that’s increasing, lawmakers must strengthen any regulation and ensure social welfare.

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