5 Common Construction Defects That May Make You Eligible For Compensation

5 Common Construction Defects That May Make You Eligible For Compensation

It is not a guarantee that every project will produce the desired outcomes. There can be construction defects which are among the common problems that occur in a construction project. These defects can be attributed to negligence or mistakes that lead to damages or injuries due to improper construction of the building.

The defects can be classified as patent or latent. The patent defects are easily noticeable and they can be fixed immediately before the completion of the house. On the other hand, latent defects may not be noticed until the whole building is completed. Therefore in some scenarios, some defects guarantee the owner compensation if it occurs. Read on and find out.

Before you file a case regarding the construction defects it should be established that you had signed a contract and you have proper documentation of what you expected from a contractor. This will serve as proof of evidence in case the contract is breached. Here are some of the construction defects that can be compensated in the court of law:

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Design defects

The engineers and architects are responsible for designing a building. If they don’t work as expected then it will lead to a design defect. Typically this design defect can be categorized into that defects which are a result of poor architectural design which is attributed to a defect that results from the layout of the plan .The other one can be brought in by failure of the contractor to follow effectively the given layout which results in defects.

design defect is a major construction defect

Roofs can be used as an example of design defects where there is a penetration of water, inadequate structural support, and intrusion. When such occurs then the owner is eligible to file a claim for compensation.

Material defect

The use of inferior building materials can cause leakages from Windows, improper flash, lack of metal sheet drip edge and other problems. This is a result of purchasing materials from incompetent manufacturers which makes it difficult to know that the materials are not of good quality until the project is completed. The defects will only be visible after the completion of the project. This makes materials defects very expensive to try because it will require new materials and additional labor.

material defects

Workmanship defects

Workmanship defects are among the common construction defects because this occurs when a contractor fails to build a structure following the construction documents. This differs from simple to complex structural integrity. An example of workmanship defect is water infiltration through some part of the building which may encourage the growth of mold. Other problems include pest infestation, plumbing leaks, mechanical problems, electrical problems, dry rotting of wood and cracks in the foundation. Therefore, when such a defect occurs the owner of the building can file a claim against workmanship defects so that he can be given compensation.

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Subsurface deficiencies

If a building is built on expansive soil that is unable to provide a stable foundation then subsurface deficiencies can occur. It is characterized by a cracked floor slab, foundations and other damages in the building. When the project is not properly compacted and prepared for effective drainage it will attract problems such as subsidence, flooding, structure shifting and other severe problems such as landslides. Therefore the contractor needs to measure the relevant parameters before deciding on whether the project will be constructed in a certain area.

subsurface defects - 5 Common Construction Defects That May Make You Eligible For Compensation

Specification defects

Specification defects occur as a result of failure to adhere to the project documents that outline all the parameters that should be observed during the construction. This can lead to inappropriate construction because of compromising with the material used the dimension and the layout of the projects.

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Construction defects not only devalue the project but it also brings risk injuries. Therefore, some construction defect lawyers are willing to engage the industry experts such as contractors, engineers, and architects to evaluate the construction job and estimate the cost of repairs. They will then file a lawsuit and make interviews the gathering relevant documents to develop the case for trial.

So if you are experiencing a construction defect which is as a result of construction negligence and other problems seek out for the corridors of Justice so that you can be compensated as stipulated by the law.

4 Security Advantages of Cloud Data Storage

4 Security Advantages of Cloud Data Storage

The technological creations are increasing surprisingly. And the creation of the cloud concept is a super easy way to store any type of data, which it’s something great, but there is an aspect that must be studied and be very careful about it.

Although we see a very necessary use of the cloud, some people are victim of hacks and all the information that have stored there gets leaked. From photos, files, and many other things, different companies have gone through it, as some celebrities have been there as well.

Therefore, it doesn’t provide reliable security in order to keep such important information, especially if we speak in case of companies.

But everything has a solution, and not everything is a negative thing. Now there is a way where you can heal yourself of all these fears by also using the cloud or any other storage of your information.

Always Active

You must have the cloud storage always active, as this will optimize access to any data or information that you have saved. But you must register two or more trusted connection networks so that, in case one of them doesn’t work and you can still access everything, you can use any other of your options.

Check Constantly

1 - 4 Security Advantages of Cloud Data Storage
You must be constantly monitoring the files or any information or data that you have stored, so that you can act with time in case of any problem.

Configure Your Authentication Method

The cloud as such has a very avant-garde security technology system where it will try to cover any type of internal technology and information unexpected. That is why you must program your authentication method so that it’s also protecting your account too.

You must establish security perimeters. That means something like type of security system that is divided by layers or stages to provide efficient protection to anything.

Most of the cases when there is a problem with the cloud are for the same client, who hasn’t counseled and doesn’t know how to handle correctly. You must configure your cloud correctly so that can protects you well.

Hire Experts

2 - 4 Security Advantages of Cloud Data Storage
If you cannot deal with this type of things properly, you can hire an expert security personnel in technology and information and like that they keep a constant check of everything and can know how to act in case of any unforeseen event.

The storage of the cloud, especially in cases that are applied in companies, isn’t something you can do overnight. You need constant control, in addition to having to perform constant tasks to manage your own files and information, establishing who can access the account, what files can be accessed, take control of the people who access and much more.

Really the storage of the cloud is very safe if the necessary attention is provided and it’s programmed correctly, since it is demonstrated that more than 90% of any problem that occurs in the cloud is the fault of the same client.

4 Facts about CBD Legislation

4 Facts about CBD Legislation

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a component found in cannabis and makes up more than 40% of its extracts. The sale of marijuana is a topic that has even been legalized in different parts of the United States as in California. Now, has the CBD been legalized? Here we explain it to you:

It’s Legal on Certain Cases

The CDB as a component is legal in all US states, but the difference is how it’s used. Usually the CBD its application is exclusively for medical reasons. But in the use of marijuana or hemp, it’s totally prohibited.

Many people probably thinks it’s the same, but no. Everything will be revealed with an analysis that detects the amount of psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that each one has. Because in the CBD it doesn’t have much, only as 0.3%, while in marijuana it has more than 30%.


3 - 4 Facts about CBD Legislation
Any product or medicine that has hemp will not really have problems with the law, because it’s something that has no psychoactive effects. It’s something totally legal and normal that you can do whatever you want. But marijuana is a different and deeper issue that really should be treated because it’s already a social issue in the US.

States That Allow the CBD for Recreational Use

Some US states allow recreational use of the CBD such as Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

While there are more than 40 states that even prohibit it as something recreational but if they approve it as any kind of medicinal use.

Total Prohibition

4 - 4 Facts about CBD Legislation
Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota are the four states that do not allow CBD, not even as medicinal use or as recreational use. But it’s expected that within less than 5 years the CBD will be legalized throughout the country.

Even a campaign is being supported in favor of the legalization of the CBD in all states, since in some states it isn’t allowed as a medication, but also promoting education and awareness about the consequences that this kind of things could bring.

7 Reasons why Illegal Marijuana Shops are Appearing in the L.A. Area

7 Reasons why Illegal Marijuana Shops are Appearing in the L.A. Area

California is one of the places with the most illegal marijuana sales in the United States, although the use of marijuana has been allowed.

But the illicit sale goes much further than any calculation lawyers can think, and is a big issue that must receive the necessary attention. Here we have some of the reasons why illegal marijuana shops are appearing in the area of ​​L.A:

Successful Business

5 - 7 Reasons why Illegal Marijuana Shops are Appearing in the L.A. Area
The sale of marijuana in different parts of California has become a successful business for anyone embarking on it, as there is a great demand from consumers who will always be looking for cheap sellers.

A Great Expense

Creating a regulation on any subject of social nature entails a great expense, from the quality tests that must be done continuously for marijuana as such, up to the security regulation.

The tax that must be paid is really high, which makes buyers look for other than the stores that are legally established, that’s why they go to the black market where marijuana is almost 50% less.

The Regulation Isn’t Working

Although legalization has already been applied for the recreational use of marijuana in Los Angeles, the illegal sale of cannabis continues to grow in an incredible way that would surprise many.

Even the police have already prosecuted hundreds of people who are involved in the black market of marijuana, as they’re violating any regulations that have already been established.

Necessary Requirements

To operate within the legalization of marijuana, they must have a municipal license and a state license that consists of their legal business, and pay the taxes to the state of the percentage that’s assigned.


The regulation establishes that people over 21 can buy up to 28 grams of marijuana without a prescription. But it cannot be consumed in public places, near children or schools specifically or in the car.


6 - 7 Reasons why Illegal Marijuana Shops are Appearing in the L.A. Area
More than 500 people have already been penalized for being involved in the illegal marketing of marijuana. Hundreds of points of sale have been confiscated; premises that functioned as a crop for the plant and even extraction laboratories have been closed.

Anyone who is involved in the illegal sale of cannabis may present a penalty of 6 months in jail and fines that exceed $ 1,000.

Great Valuation

The industry of the sale of marijuana is valued at more than $ 20 billion dollars in California at least, which is the state with the highest consumption; and being so high, that number is expected to multiply annually.

That’s why the main reason for why it continues to be sold on the black market is because, as previously explained, the price that will be found for any gram of marijuana in illegal sales will be much more economical than what you will find in places with license.

But despite having been regulated and continues to be a social problem that’s increasing, lawmakers must strengthen any regulation and ensure social welfare.