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knows our clients feel at ease when we take the time to sit down and go over their case with them in easy to understand terms. As part of our commitment to serving our client's needs, we take as much of the worry out of the legal process as we can.

People Oriented

Here at Law Office Of Richard A Lalime & Associates, we take pride in helping our clients and appreciate all they do for us. We understand the tough issues and difficult situations that our clients must face while the case is pending. The hard fact is even with the experience, knowledge, and skill we bring to the table, we cannot fix everything. We do, however, do everything we can to make sure you recieve the best outcome possible for your specific situation.

We are a small firm and know our clients and their cases intimately. We know when you call us, you want answers quickly. Our staff is understanding and committed to helping you.
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Law Office Of Richard A Lalime & Associates provides all our clients with a Free Consultation and can even arrange for evenings, weekends, and out-of-office visits when need be.

Dedicated to Personal Injury Matters

We have worked on personal injury cases on a daily bases since he began practicing law in 1977. Richard A. Lilame, Esq.'s experience and abilities of his trusted staff, equips the firm to handle accident claims in a prompt and effective manner. We are able to process your medical claims, insurance claims, medical bills, and claims for lost wages to help you get this process accomplished as well as providing the ability to keep you up to date on the progress of your case.


Richard A. Lalime is a native to Lowell, Massachusetts and our office has been in downtown Lowell for 40 years. We take pride in our commitment to our community and our ongoing support of local organizations and charities.